This is what business needs in 2023

Challenges have dotted the business landscape for the year 2022. With continuing challenges such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict, improper planning due to the pandemic and signs of an upcoming strain, 2023 could also be impacted by economic challenges. So, how can businesses ensure that they do more than just survive?


Improve customer experience


Over 73% of customers say that a good experience is key to brand loyalty. The pandemic forced many businesses to leap multiple paces towards better customer experiences. This has now made many innovations move from a nice-to-have to a necessity in the overall scheme of things. AI-powered onboarding, regulatory compliance, KYC compliance, automated form-filling, etc are all easing the way customers begin the journey with your brand. Designing a digital-first ecosystem for the customers is essential for 2023.


Streamlined Communication 


Customers seek better communication from businesses. Essential communication is not just desired but is also essential from a regulatory POV. With multiple channels such as email, app notifications, WhatsApp, SMS etc, businesses need to move from multiple bulky communication gateways to those that are in essence, a window to their key customer communications. This way, they can streamline their communication while ensuring compliance.


Improved Decisioning


In business, speed is soon becoming a desired trait. However, thanks to AI-powered decisioning platforms, unlike in the past, speed today isn’t associated with risk. With data derived decisioning, businesses can strategize better, deploy their strategies to market faster, and even edit strategies based on feedback and data. This method of decisioning can also be used in digital lending platforms to fast-track loan origination and ensuring compliance. 


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