Can tech make you empathetic?

As the wheels of global economic stability get slippery, many banks and financial institutions are, rightly so, putting their guards up against lending, interest rates, and other processes. However, at times like this is when their customers want to see a brand that goes above and beyond and dishes out empathy along with their services. So how can banks do this? Can AI help banks be more empathetic? We believe so!


One of the ways AI can help is through personalized communication: AI-based platforms can help banks personalize their communication with customers more empathetically and effectively. How? By analyzing customer data, banks can understand their customers’ needs and preferences better, and tailor their communication accordingly.


By communicating with people in a manner that is less, bank Chatbots and virtual assistants powered by AI can provide customers with quick, efficient, and timely responses to their queries. By using natural language processing (NLP), these chatbots can understand customers’ questions and provide accurate responses in a conversational manner.


Can banks predict needs and concerns? AI-based platforms can use predictive analytics to anticipate customers’ needs and behaviours. By analyzing customer data, banks can identify patterns and trends that can help them anticipate customer needs and offer personalized recommendations.


But what about safeguarding against fraud? AI-based platforms can analyze large amounts of data and flag suspicious patterns that can help banks detect and prevent fraud more effectively thereby helping protect customers from financial harm.


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