Single Sign-On (SSO)

Workforce and customer identity management for all your modern web and mobile apps built using industry standard protocols.

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Single Sign-On Server
Web Apps

Server side web applications built on technologies like ASP.NET, Java, Python, Node.js or PHP.

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS native mobile applications built on Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C.

Single Page Apps (SPA)

Javascript based single page applications built on AngularJS, React or VueJS.

Machines (Service to Service)

Console application, schedulers, services or API that interact with your application’s API.

Federation Gateway

Delegate authentication to external systems through a federation gateway and continue to benefit from the features of a Single Sign-On server.

  1. Active Directory

    Delegate authentication for Active Directory users through LDAP, with multi directory support.

  2. 3rd Party Identity Providers

    Support OpenID Connect from external identity providers like Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.

  3. Legacy Authentication

    Retain authentication within your legacy apps by exposing an API endpoint to the federation gateway.


Secure & Simple Identity Management

Additional features that help you protect your app with high security standards.

Secure Directory

The SSO server is packaged with a secure directory to manage your users, enforce password policies and security best practices.


Enforce two factor authentication using a mobile One Time Password, adding possession factor as an additional layer of security.


Implements a CAPTCHA on the login page as a challenge-response test to determine whether or not the user is human.

Self Service Password Reset

Reduce help desk calls by allowing users who are locked out or have forgotten their password, to generate a new password.

Audit Trails

Analyze audit logs that track configuration changes and authentication requests to monitor security and access anomalies.

Email / Mobile Verification

Confirm mobile number and email address when registering users to confirm authenticity of the newly created account.

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