Adani Capital's expansion journey: Powered by Decide


Adani Capital

Adani Capital, a subsidiary of the renowned Adani Group, stands as a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) with a remarkable track record of disbursing loans worth over 7500 crores to more than 60,000 satisfied customers. With a widespread presence across India through 150+ branches, Adani Capital plays a pivotal role in promoting rural development by extending lending services, including commercial vehicle loans and farm equipment loans, to individuals residing in rural areas and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


Adani Capital identified a critical need to effectively manage the frequent changes anticipated due to its transition and expansion plans in the coming years, without compromising on business opportunities. The organization sought a robust, versatile, and scalable solution to support its burgeoning business operations while maintaining flexibility for seamless implementation of future plans.

Solution Implemented

In response to this challenge, Adani Capital deployed the Decide Decisioning Automation Platform in conjunction with its digital customer onboarding system. Empowering Adani Capital's business users, Decide provided a no-code interface for authoring, testing, and publishing business rules, eliminating the need for technical dependencies. This enabled the business to swiftly implement changes, no matter how frequent, to policies and seamlessly introduce new products and associated policies with hot deployment capability.

Results & Achievements

During the transition phase, Adani Capital expanded its existing product category from 2 states to 6 states, each with region-specific applicable charges, and introduced 2 new categories to its product range. Leveraging Decide, Adani Capital effortlessly authored, tested, and deployed business policies without code-bound releases. This streamlined approach prevented an estimated loss of roughly 3-4 business hours over the year, averting a potential loss of 70 lakhs.

Furthermore, Adani Capital utilized the solution to automate the credit appraisal process, leading to improved resource utilization and expedited customer service.