Power your communications
with convenience

Increase customer engagement through SMS, Email, Voice, Push Notifications and WhatsApp messages.

Get in touch
Different notifications on a mobile phone

One platform to manage all your communication channels

Design emails that match your brand and send personalized content with attachments through data placeholders.
Connect to customers through text messages delivered directly on phones, when they have not installed your app.
Voice calls
Make voice calls to increase the open rate when reaching out to customers or when other channels face an outage.
Web push notifications
Web Push Notifications
Engage with customers even after they leave your website and keep them informed on news, offers and transactions.
WhatsApp messages
Reach out to customers on their preferred mode of communication and continue business over a chat interface.
Mobile push notifications
Mobile Push Notifications
Increase traffic to your mobile applications through engaging push notifications that prompt user actions.

Craft and dispatch your updates with incredible ease

Compose message
Simple editors help you personalize messages, with data associated to an event.
Preview message
Compose templates with confidence, by previewing your generated messages.
Publish message
Deliver messages to test phone numbers, and publish the template once you are happy.
Preview and test your notifications

Bridge the communication gap with a simple integration

Modernize your applications with one API call.
Signal the occurrence of application events, to generate and deliver multi-channel messages.
Business use cases for NotifyBusiness use cases for Notify

Level-up your communication with a scalable engine

Reusable Layouts
Brand changes and promotional offers can now be applied instantly, across the customer lifecycle with reusable layouts.
Unified Outbox
Unified view of all messages sent from your applications to a contact is presented in a single outbox.
Operations Center
Supervise, monitor and maintain your communication network with operational dashboards and logs.
Delivery Policy
Define retry attempts, retry interval and message expiry to recover from failures and build resilience.
High Throughput
Achieve high message speeds by leveraging the strengths of multithreading and horizontal scaling.
Message Router
Switch service providers and messaging channels based on application events and their priorities.