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Make informed decisions by empowering subject matter experts to author, test and manage business rules.

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One platform to manage all your decisioning rules

Eligibility Rulesets
Eligibility Rulesets
Provide product/rate recommendations or quick eligibility results in real-time using different rule matching criteria.
Decision Tables
Decision Tables
Represent your business rules in tabular format specifying which actions to perform when conditions are matched.
Decision Trees
Decision Trees
Create and visualize business rules, their possible outcomes and associated actions in an ordered tree with branches.
Decision Policies
Decision Policies
Define a conditional sequence of decisioning steps to be executed as part of your strategy and create complex decision flows.
Flexible and easy-to-create scoring model that allows managing scorecards for demographic, financial and alternate data.
Predictive Models
Predictive Models
Import and run predictive models like regression, clustering, neural networks to leverage artificial intelligence for your business.
Enrich your data to make better decisions

Enrich your data to make better decisions

In today's digitally connected world, an organization can make use of data and automation to make faster, precise decisions. There is a host of real-time information accessible from regulatory bodies, banks, online sources, social media, sensors and devices that can be analyzed to gather deeper insights.

Decide allows you to ingest this data from various sources, transform the data using financial formulas, lookups and aggregates, and eventually consume this data within your business rules to make informed decisions that grow your business. Credit bureau reports, GST returns, Bank statements, Income Tax returns, Balance Sheets, Cashflows, POS transactions, Identity cards are examples of data sources that are processed within the platform.

Power decisions at all stages of the customer lifecycle

Client acquisition
Client Acquisition
Gather insights about new clients to help make onboarding decisions that are fair and reduce fraud. Minimize your risk and offer the right products based on the client profile.
Customer management
Customer Management
Create behavioral scorecards for each customer, and up-sell or cross-sell your offerings. Give your customers a better experience with faster processing of service requests.
Debt collection
Debt Collection
Build a customer friendly collection process by analyzing data and making smart decisions. Retain your customers while increasing debt recoveries at lower costs.

Automate your decision making process with a robust platform

Business Owners
Simple user interface allows business users and Subject Matter Experts to author their own rules.
Share & Reuse
Composable modules make it easy to share and reuse common business rules across your enterprise.
Real-time Simulation
Simulate the execution of dynamic business rules to ensure that your organization goals are achieved.
Decision as a Service
Deliver decisions as a service across all touch points in your business workflows, with consistency.
Optimize & Refine
Measure decision outcomes using the Champion Challenger technique to refine and maximize business results.
Rule Versioning
Publish your versioned rules with streamlined project lifecycles into a robust service oriented architecture.