Grow your business in a connected world

Speed up integrations with a secure and scalable API gateway, shipped with built-in financial services.

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Connected World

Accelerate your product launches with ready integrations to financial services

Credit Bureaus
Credit Bureaus
Fetch credit scores and history from global and regional bureaus like TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, CRIF High Mark and Experian.
KYC Registry
KYC Registry
Query customer information from CVL KRA, NDML KRA, Aadhaar eKYC, DigiLocker, Aadhaar Paperless Offline eKYC or CKYC.
Integrate cutting-edge technologies like machine learning based OCR to extract data from National ID, Passport or Driver License.
Penny Drop
Penny Drop
Verify bank account holders using penny drop through IMPS and instantly fetch the primary account holder details.
Bank Statements
Bank Statements
Consume banking or account aggregator API to fetch bank statements and perform bank statement analysis.
Facilitate Aadhaar based digital signatures using NSDL services that support both OTP or Biometric based E-Signature.
API Gateway Microservices

Reliable integrations with unified service management

When building and managing microservices, various features guarantee reliability in production environments. This includes securing and regulating access to services via an authentication layer, preventing misuse with rate limiting and circuit breakers, optimizing performance by caching responses and scaling with load balancers. Connect includes all these essential features, necessary for a successful integration process.

Connect fosters agility within your ecosystem, whether you're integrating third-party services to enhance your business processes or providing services for partners to engage with your business. The platform is also equipped to monitor latency, failures, and usage trends, enabling you to take proactive measures for ensuring maximum uptime of your services.

Boost your integration lifecycle with robust, developer-friendly features

Rest Services
REST Services
Integrate remote REST services with simple configurations that support major authentication methods. Increase developer productivity, by eliminating the need to write integration code.
Data Services
Data Services
A significant aspect of a service-oriented architecture, entails the development of database interaction services. These services can be built and deployed using no-code managed data services.
Mock Services
Mock Services
Mock services help reduce inter-team dependencies, and expedite application development. They simulate services, enabling teams to commence programming while the integration is underway.
Integrations with Developer Friendly features

Simplify integrations with essential capabilities for seamless operations

Enhanced Security
Enhance API security with tokens, controlling access to designated services for authorized applications.
Service Orchestration
Aggregate microservices, transform their outputs and build new services with enhanced capabilities.
Real-time Monitoring
Monitor each service request, their latency, and any errors on a dashboard, addressing issues proactively.
Analytics & Insights
Analyze usage trends by service requests and consuming applications for capacity planning and billing estimation.
Rate Limiting
Ensure a high quality of service by throttling requests from applications that exceed the established rate limits.
Response Caching
Amplify workload scalability and trim service response times for repetitive requests, within specified intervals.