Personalized offers: PNB Housing's strategy


PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNB Housing).

PNB Housing, a prominent player in the housing finance sector, boasts assets under management exceeding 65,000 crores and serves a diverse customer base of 2.5 lakh active loan holders. With over three decades of industry experience and a widespread branch network, PNB Housing facilitates seamless access to financial services, including loans and deposits, across the nation.


In a competitive lending landscape, potential customers were opting for rival institutions attracted by personalized offers tailored to their individual needs. The challenge for PNB Housing lay in retaining these prospective clients and converting them into loyal customers. The opportunity presented was to leverage automation to deliver personalized offers with preferential rates, thereby enhancing the conversion rate and stemming the loss of customers to competitors.

Solution Implemented

To address this challenge, PNB Housing deployed DECIDE - Decisioning Automation Platform, in integration with the digital customer onboarding system. The business team formulated and defined bespoke business rules designed to automatically recommend products based on applicants' preferences and creditworthiness. Consequently, upon onboarding through the digital platform, customers now receive personalized recommendations aligned with their needs, along with visibility into other available offers matching their eligibility criteria.

Results & Achievements

The implementation of automated personalized recommendations and eligibility checks through DECIDE yielded significant outcomes, a notable increase of 500 applications inflow on a month-on-month basis.