PNB Housing increases Login to Sanction ratio by 15%


PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNB Housing).

With a substantial portfolio exceeding 65,000 crores in assets under management and serving a customer base of 2.5 lakh active loans, PNB Housing Finance Limited stands as a prominent player in the housing finance sector. Boasting over three decades of industry expertise, the company maintains a robust network of branches nationwide, offering seamless access to a comprehensive suite of financial services, including loans and deposits.


Facing the imperative to optimize their operational efficiency, PNB Housing's adept sales team identified the need to enhance the login to sanction ratio. Central to this objective was the integration of a solution with their digital customer onboarding platform, aimed at delivering automated instant loan proposals to customers. The primary aim was to provide instant loan offers and reduce Turn-Around-Time (TAT) while ensuring an elevated customer experience.

Solution Implemented

In response to this challenge, PNB Housing deployed Decide - Decisioning Automation Platform, seamlessly integrating it with their digital customer onboarding infrastructure. Leveraging a sophisticated blend of customer profile data sourced from user inputs, credit bureau checks, and third-party identity verifications, the system swiftly generates tailored loan proposals and sanctions. Employing advanced computational algorithms and decision tables, the platform calculates maximum eligible loan amounts, applicable interest rates, EMIs, and processing fees, meticulously aligned with each customer's unique requirements and loan purpose. Subsequently, customers are presented with these customized offers, enabling them to proceed swiftly with a soft sanction process.

Results & Achievements

The implementation of instant offers and soft sanctions marks a significant milestone for PNB Housing, reinforcing its commitment to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. By providing customers with immediate assurance and eliminating the need for external alternatives, the company witnessed a notable uptick in its conversion ratio. A comparative analysis between the login to sanction ratio of physical versus digital application flows, post-automation implementation, revealed a remarkable 15% increase in conversion rates within the first month. This translated into a substantial volume of additional files sanctioned, totaling over INR 400+ crores. Furthermore, the automation initiative yielded ancillary benefits, including reduced capital costs and heightened adoption of the platform by the sales team. Equipped with the capability to furnish instant offers during customer interactions, the sales team demonstrated enhanced efficiency in facilitating assisted loan applications, further augmenting the company's operational effectiveness.