Streamlined product launches propel ICICI Housing Finance


ICICI Home Finance Company

ICICI Home Finance Company (ICICI HFC), a subsidiary of the esteemed ICICI Group, stands out as a prominent player in the 'affordable home loans' segment, boasting a loan disbursement exceeding INR 15,000 crores and a distribution network strength of over 10,000. The company's core focus lies in providing a diverse array of financial products, including home loans, home improvement loans, office premises loans, home equity loans, loan against property, and construction finance, catering to both individual customers and developers.


In line with its plans for expanding its product portfolio, ICICI HFC encountered challenges stemming from the absence of a flexible system that would empower business users to seamlessly introduce new products along with associated policies. Moreover, the solution needed to be scalable, allowing for the effortless updating of policies to align with future business requirements, all without necessitating technical interventions.

Solution Implemented

To address these challenges, ICICI HFC implemented DECIDE - Decisioning Automation Platform, in integration with its digital customer onboarding infrastructure. Leveraging Decide, the business team gained autonomy to own and manage configurations for both existing products and new product launches through a user-friendly, no-code interface. Real-time simulators enabled business users to instantly test configurations, create versions, and swiftly publish new products with ease.

Results & Achievements

Now that the Business team owned the product policies and rules configuration, the IT resources needed to only handle and monitor the integrations, thus avoiding overhead for the IT team to understand complex policies and rules for each new product.

A comparison was conducted to gauge the time required to launch new products with and without Decide.

Without Decide: It took approximately 7 months to launch 16 products.

With Decide: In just 2 months, the company successfully launched 39 products, demonstrating a significant reduction in time-to-market and a substantial increase in product rollout efficiency.