Digital Lending

Disburse loans faster by employing an inclusive approach to the full lifecycle of loan origination and credit underwriting.

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Loan Application

Use the digital lending platform on web & mobile to enjoy paperless loan sourcing through digital forms, resulting in a delightful customer experience and speeds up the feedback cycle.

Omni Channel Sourcing

One digital lending platform to manage all your sourcing channels i.e. field sales, telesales, direct marketing agency, portals or DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

Smart Form Filling

Auto populate forms by using OCR technology and data retrieved from regulatory databases, resulting in minimal and accurate data entry.

Real-time Updates

Send automatic status updates about the loan application or request additional information through real-time notifications through our loan origination software.

Loan Application
Verification checks

Verification Checks

Benefit from reduced costs in KYC, AML and other verification checks and achieve a faster loan processing time by collecting information about the applicant or collateral through digital channels.


Retrieve credit scores from bureaus, authenticate PAN / GST / Aadhaar with regulatories, analyse bank statements and verify bank accounts through online API.


Conduct field investigation, legal verification, technical evaluation, personal discussion, fraud scrutiny checks and manage their report submissions through an online portal.

Credit Assessment

Using the digital lending platform helps in faster credit decisions, data-driven assessments and a structured credit decisioning framework result in a more secure risk profile.

Rule engine to match loan file parameters with product policies to offer the right product.

Decision engine to suggest rate of interest and maximum FOIR based on the risk profile of the customer.

Workflow engine to align organizational credit approval policies including deviation flows.

Credit Assessment

Quick & Easy Loan Processing

Additional features that streamline the loan origination process.

Product Policies

Define product policies that are matched against loan application parameters to confirm eligibility & identify deviations.

Sales Assist

Increase conversion ratio by monitoring the application form filling stages and proactively offering assistance.

Task Management

Individual or group level tasks are presented for approvals / waiver requests to the relevant stakeholders.

Agency Management

Marketing and Verification agencies are given role-based access, bringing all stakeholders into a one digital ecosystem.


EMI and Eligibility calculators come in handy for the customer or sales team to gauge the worthiness of the case.

Timely Updates

SMS, Email and Push notifications keep all stakeholders informed about the loan application status or any required actions.


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