Digging deeper into DECIDE : 5 key highlights

November 9, 2023

One-Stop Decisioning Hub

DECIDE isn’t just another decision-making tool; it's a comprehensive platform that encompasses various aspects of business strategy. It provides functionality for Eligibility Rulesets, Decision Tables, Decision Trees, Decision Policies, Scorecards, and even Predictive Models like regression and neural networks. All these features work in tandem to help organizations make well-informed choices in real-time.

Tailored Decisioning for Various Business Needs

Whether you're looking to provide product recommendations, run complex decision flows, or create easy-to-manage scorecards for various kinds of data, DECIDE has got you covered. Its versatile feature set is engineered to meet the specific needs of subject matter experts, empowering them to author, test, and manage business rules without needing an army of analysts and data scientists.

Real-Time Data Enrichment

DECIDE stands out in its ability to enrich your data for better decision-making. The platform can ingest data from multiple sources, including regulatory bodies, banks, and even social media, to give you a more rounded view of your business environment. This data is then transformed using financial formulas, lookups, and aggregates, to be consumed within your decisioning rules, enhancing the quality of your decisions.

Powering Decisions Across the Customer Lifecycle

From client acquisition to debt collection, DECIDE is designed to optimize your decision-making process throughout the customer lifecycle. Whether you’re assessing new clients to reduce fraud and risk or analysing existing customer data for upsell opportunities, this platform offers a robust and flexible framework.

Beyond Traditional Decisioning

What sets DECIDE apart is its focus on automation and real-time simulation. It not only allows businesses to author their rules but also simulates the execution of these dynamic rules to ensure alignment with organizational goals. Moreover, the platform offers features like Rule Versioning, enabling a service-oriented architecture that's adaptable and future-proof.

Hence, DECIDE is not just a tool but a revolution in decision-making, providing a robust, integrated platform that takes the guesswork out of crucial business choices. From automating complex decision flows to leveraging AI for predictive analytics, it’s a one-stop solution for modern businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.

Join the ranks of over 1,000 decision-makers who have already upgraded their decision-making process with DECIDE. The future of informed, data-driven decision-making is here, and it's called DECIDE.

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