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Digital ESG

Digitalize your Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report generation

Collect Data
Collect and manage your environment, social & governance (ESG) data.
Review Data
Review details with evidences and save time during assurance engagements.
Publish Data
Publish your BRSR in XBRL format for digital submission to regulators.
Digital BRSR

Autofill report details by integrating data from multiple sources

Enterprise Systems
Enterprise Systems
Pull sustainability data from enterprise systems through database and API connectors that run at scheduled intervals.
Company Profile
Company Profile
Complete your company profile during onboarding and auto populate the associated sections of your report.
Past BRSR Reports
Past Reports
Import past reports in eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) format and auto fill data from previous years.
Integrated API
Integrated API
Push sustainability data through a REST API that stores and aggregates information in a time series data log for reporting.
GHG Accounting
Data Logs
Capture sustainability data from multiple facilities on a monthly interval and auto populate data for the reporting period.
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Integrate data directly from connected sensors and devices, or software platforms that process data streams from machines.

Employ a collaborative approach to achieve your sustainability goals

Accelerate your sustainability program through a digital workspace.
Launch your eco-friendly initiatives with active participation of internal & external stakeholders.
ESG Collaboration ToolESG Collaboration Tool

Streamline your sustainability reporting process with digital tools

File Manager
Manage your ESG policies, procedures and evidences in a central location, allowing easy access to all stakeholders.
Emissions Accounting
Inventory your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and measure your carbon footprint using built-in calculators.
Multi-facility Reporting
Manage facilities in multiple locations and designate users at each facility to report their sustainability data.
Policy Checklist
Evaluate your organization's readiness on policy requirements with a self-assessment checklist tool.
Progress Report
Delegate the responsibility of collating ESG data, and monitor progress periodically to meet reporting deadlines.
Task Management
Plan your sustainability reporting project with simplified task management and scheduling with reminders.