Ways to improve your customer onboarding process

Customer onboarding can be simply defined as the entire process through which a user starts his journey as a customer or a client of a bank/ financial institution. Similarly, the onboarding experience can be defined as the relationship between the customer and the organization.


A positive onboarding experience confirms to the customer that they’ve made the right decision. This also helps you in retaining the customer for a long time or recommending you to their peers. Basically you need to create aseamless user onboarding experience from the first interaction to the post purchase stage!


Why is Customer/Client Onboarding so important?


  1. Most of the revenue comes from existing customers. Keeping them at their point of satiety is the job of the organization.
  2. Happy clients can become your top referrals. Always remember mouth publicity attracts the largest number of people
  3. Customer retention can lower acquisition costs and increase revenue.


In other words User onboarding is imperative to business success.


So what can we do to improve your User Onboarding process?

The world is picking up at an exponential rate, users are looking for a seamless and less time-consuming onboarding process by sitting at any part of the world!

With Celusion’s — Unified account opening, customers, telesales or field agents can open accounts digitally. In other words anyone and everyone can open accounts seamlessly from anywhere!


To make the digital user onboarding more convenient they have provided:

  • Hassle Free Digital Customer Onboarding which has smart forms that auto populate the users identity, address and bank account information.
  • OCR technology that uses artificial intelligence to fill details from images of documents with 99% accuracy.
  • KYC – Auto fill customer information by using KYC API integration to fetch details from KYC registries.
  • Accepting online payments from the customer for account opening charges, initial margin or annual fees, enabling the customer to start their investment journey immediately.
  • Automated verifications like OTP verification, webcam in-person verification and compliances allow quick processing of forms
  • The account opening software also acts as a digital identity verification platform. It has various methods that cover both – Fresh KYC and accessing KYC details from depositories.


If the user is wavy on the security and confidentiality there are additional features for secured digital onboarding of the client, which are:


  • Mobile & web:

Applications available to open the accounts themselves


  • Digital Signature:

Digitally sign the form after Aadhaar based biometric and otp verification.


  • Penny drop:

Verify bank account details by transferring One Rupee to the customer bank account and confirming the receipt.


  • Printed forms:

You can print pre-filled forms or the ones that require a wet signature and submit the hardcopy yourself.


  • Scrutiny & Objections:

Manual scrutiny and objections to reconfirm any required changes or re-submission of any form.


Unified Account Opening — an unique account opening software that uses one smart form and instantly activates the users Demat, Trading, Bank and Insurance accounts. It has every adequate feature that would make the user onboarding process efficient for the client as well as the agent. That is the reason most of the banks and financial institutions are adapting to the change of going digital and finding ways to solve customer issues and retain their current customers.