Welcoming the Age of Agility

In a recently concluded international fintech event, a key concern for businesses worldwide, irrespective of scale, is rising tech costs along with the inability to maintain, use, and scale the same by subject matter experts and not IT professionals or coders. One of the key motivations for digital transformation in businesses for 2023 is surely going to be agility and self-service empowerment.


One of the definitive ways of achieving such agility is by deploying an AI-enabled decisioning platform. One that can help you enrich the data available from sources such as regulatory bodies, banks, online sources, social media, sensors, and devices to make better decisions and a platform where you can change and edit the rules through a low-code or a no-code platform to deploy your strategies, test, and sharpen your results.


Many decisioning platforms help ingest the data, transform them using financial formulas, consume it with the rules you set for your business resulting in actionable insights that you can deploy. These insights can help you across three key business tasks:


1. Client Acquisition – Insights that can help you offer the right products to the right audience thereby helping you onboard faster while reducing chances of fraud and minimizing risk.


2. Customer Management – Set up strategies for each customer behaviour and vertical. This helps in more successful cross/up-sell opportunities while giving your customers a faster service experience.


3. Debt Collection – Make smarter decisions that can help you increase debt recoveries at a lower cost by building a customer-friendly collection process.


Today, many platforms offer the agility and are dynamic enough to be operated by subject matter experts through an easy interface. This removes gaps in the decisioning process which results in saving time, money, effort, and gives your customers a better experience.


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